The Romantics

Colchester Chamber Choir is returning to home territory next month (Saturday 22nd March), after a nearly sold-out performance of Monteverdi Vespers at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in the autumn. We’re now moving forward several centuries to perform works by five great Romantic composers: Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Bruckner and Liszt. But the programme will not be what you would necessarily expect.
Rossini, Verdi, and Puccini are best known for their sumptuous Italian operas, but the composers of The Barber of Seville, La Traviata and La Bohème also wrote a handful of wonderful small scale sacred works, works of intense emotion, expression and drama which are rarely performed. I think you will be surprised and delighted to discover the deeper, more contemplative side of these great composers.
Liszt was possibly greatest virtuoso pianist of all time, a prodigy and superstar who loved women and was lionised by society. But he spent time towards the end of his life in Rome as a religious recluse and it was during this period of contemplation that he wrote the beautiful Missa Choralis which forms the centrepiece of the concert.
Bruckner is also best known for his expansive symphonies, but his small scale sacred works are also much loved by the choir and for this concert we are adding to our repertoire two more remarkable pieces: Virga Jessa and Vexilla Regis.